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Flexible Training Solutions
"If our course dates don't suit you; call us"


About Traineeships

A Traineeship is a structured program which can be a perfect pathway to increasing your existing occupational skills and knowledge. The outcome of Traineeship training is a trade level Qualification recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

If you are an employer you know that a well trained workforce can increase productivity and bottom line within a business.Enrolling employees on a Traineeship is an efficient and cost-effective means of developing staff, as employers can often receive financial support as the employer of a trainee.

There are 2 types of Traineeships designed for those at different levels in industry:

New Employee Trainee

A new employee Traineeship is for someone who has just begun working in the industry or is new to the company. This person would likely require more personal training and greater opportunities to develop the skills through on-the-job training.

Existing Worker Trainee

An existing worker Traineeship is for someone who has been with the employer for more than 3 months but may not necessarily be new to the industry. This person would be ideally suited to enrolment as an existing worker trainee.

Traineeships are usually for a nominal duration of 12 months for a Certificate II and 24 months for a Certificate III qualification.


Funding & Incentives

National Incentives

The State and Federal Governments provide employers with financial incentives to employ apprentices/trainees.

  • Employers of New Employee trainees will receive up to $4,000 on successful completion of a 24 month Traineeship qualification.
  • New Employee trainees have the cost of training supported through State funded User Choice funding.
  • Trainees in WA and NSW are eligible for payroll tax deductions (conditions apply).

Construction Training Fund Incentives in WA

The following additional funding and incentives are currently available in Western Australia for construction industry Traineeships:

  • For Certificate II and IV Civil and Building Construction trainees the Construction Training Fund (CTF) will fund a base grant of $4,000.00 to employers of eligible trainees.
  • For Certificate III and IV Civil and Building Construction trainees the Construction Training Fund (CTF) will fund a base grant of $8,000.00 to employers of eligible trainees.
  • For a Mature Age Trainee the CTF will fund up to $2,000.00.
  • For a Female Trainee the CTF will fund up to an additional $2,000.00.
  • For an Indigenous Trainee the CTF will fund up to an additional:
    • 30% of total grant
  • For a Regional Trainee (outside 80km Perth radius) the CTF will fund up to an additional:
    • North 26º parallel = 20% of the base rate of the grant
    • South 26 º parallel = 10% of the base rate of the grant
  • In addition, the wages paid to the trainee of a qualifying WA employer for the full term of the Traineeship are Payroll Tax Exempt (conditions apply).
  • Post graduation training voucher of $2,000.00 for the trainee to use in advanced training relative to the completed qualification industry area.

State Based Incentives Available

For information on additional funding and incentives available in other States and Territories of Australia, please use the links provided.


How Traineeships Work

Contact Australian Training Management to discuss your particular needs.Our traineeship consultant will help you to evaluate which qualification is best for each employee based upon their role and prior learning. To determine costs we will seek to:

  • determine where the RTO can formally recognise individual workers' pre-existing skills against the selected Units of Competency; and
  • identify individual skills development needs

Before you sign anything you will be informed of what your expected charges will be. You will also be informed of what your expected incentive payments will be.

Once approved by the Department of Training and Workforce Development we can begin training. All training and assessment services provided by Australian Training Management will comply with the formal requirements for delivery of competencies and qualifications in accordance with the requirements outlined for RTO’s through the Australian Quality Framework (AQF).

Australian Training Management assessment and training services can be delivered primarily on the job. However, although all formal assessment work must be undertaken by the RTO, some identified and agreed training can be delivered by suitably experienced / qualified employees within your enterprise.

Training already completed prior to registration on the Traineeship program will receive Credit Transfers, meaning that units already completed will be credited and the trainee will not have to repeat those units. Also, life skills already learned will be recognised through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning.

If you are responsible for a Trainee or Apprentice we recommend you watch the video Supervising Your Trainee or Apprentice as it provides useful tips for supervisors who coach apprentices and trainees.


Fees & Charges

Australian Training Management fees will reflect the cost of training and assessment delivery requirements, qualification issuance and training materials. Fees for travel and accommodation will apply to clients in regional areas.

Student fees on the Australian Training Management website and other promotional material are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.