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Flexible Training Solutions
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Skills Recognition

Are you interested in formal recognition of your skills through a qualification or license? We offer several pathways:

  1. Credit Transfer (CT): This is a process that allows for the acknowledgment of previous studies when they are equivalent in content and learning outcomes to parts of the current course. It enables students to progress from one qualification or course to another, or across different education and training sectors, reducing the need for redundant learning.

    Credit Transfer decisions by RTOs are made with a commitment to maintaining the integrity of qualification outcomes, ensuring consistency, fairness, and transparency.

  2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): RPL is an assessment process that evaluates your formal, non-formal, and informal learning to determine how well it matches the requirements of a current training package or VET accredited course. This pathway is ideal for those with significant industry experience, as it recognises the skills you already possess, potentially reducing the need for further training. RPL considers:

    • Formal learning: Structured learning leading to a formal qualification.
    • Non-formal learning: Structured learning without a formal qualification.
    • Informal learning: Learning gained through work, social, family, hobby, or leisure activities.

    Participants are assessed and given credits for existing qualifications, licenses, skills, and experience. Our RPL process is mostly online, offering flexibility and convenience.

  3. Existing Worker Traineeships: Experienced workers can acquire qualifications through an Australian Apprenticsship or Traineeship pathway. 

    Please contact our Traineeship Coordinator at 08 9274 1277 to discuss how this can benefit your company.

For more details on Apprenticeships and Traineeship, please visit our 'Apprenticeships & Traineeships' section. Australian Training Management is here to guide you through the skills recognition process and help you access available funding and incentives.