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Flexible Training Solutions
"If our course dates don't suit you; call us"


RTO Partnering


What is RTO Partnering?

RTO Partnering is a recognised alliance between an enterprise and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the express purpose of helping the enterprise deliver training outcomes to the highest quality, and aligned to nationally accredited and industry recognised competency standards. RTO Partnering is a robust and cost-effective business solution when an enterprise has the desire, need and capacity to delivery personalised training in ways, at times, locations and settings that suit their business. The benefits of this are that enterprises are never limited to external training providers dictating course schedules and often delivering training off-site, or at inconvenient locations.

It is costly and complex to start and manage a Registered Training Organisation, however we can offer you all of the advantages by working in partnership with Australian Training Management. This RTO Partnership is an arrangement where we partner with you and we undertake all of the RTO-related work, allowing you to focus primarily on your core business goals.


Advantages of RTO Partnering

An RTO Partnership with Australian Training Management can offer a range of benefits to your business and the industry your business operates within. Through partnering arrangements, RTOs and enterprises develop flexible and innovative practices and products to meet the operational needs of the enterprise.

What differentiates Australian Training Management from other RTOs is quality, not compromise, and we achieve this by:

  • Providing a range of flexible and customised training solutions to achieve your business outcomes, by meeting the current and future demands of your clients.
  • Offering a range of quality endorsed (ASQA, WorkSafe WA, MainRoads WA and CASA) nationally accredited training outcomes, reinforced with our long-standing, exceptionally recognised industry reputation
  • Allowing you to focus on your core business by removing the compliance, complexity and administration associated with the Vocational Education and Training system from your business
  • Offering virtually instant training accreditation through the use of our Android based mobile assessment platform; which is particularly advantageous when operating in remote locations and sites, where you could put employees straight to work after the completion of a successful on-site assessment
  • Managing the complex course administration associated with training provision through the use of our highly innovative and fully integrated learner management and quality management systems
  • Working closely with you to increase competitiveness and achieve the strategic goals of your business
  • Identifying potential funding options for your business, as well as your learners.


Why Partner with Australian Training Management

With more than 30 years in the training industry, Australian Training Management has a proven record of strong client focus. We recognise that sometimes the best people to train your employees are you, the employer. You know your job and your workplace better than anyone.

With this in mind, our aim is to develop the internal capability and capacity of your business, so you no longer have to rely upon external providers and assessors in order to meet your training and compliance requirements, as well as you strategic business objectives.  

Today, this is made possible through an endorsed RTO Partnering arrangement with us. Through an RTO Partnering arrangement, Australian Training Management also provides the structure that enables our corporate clients to apply for government funding and incentives that can off-set some, if not all, of the cost of their training.

Our longevity within industry also means that Australian Training Management has a comprehensive suite of coveted Learning Resources that are available for purchase.

Having been in the training industry for more than three decades, Australian Training Management is in your best position to deliver a sustainable training solution for your business.


How it works

Approvals Process

Where a partnership is formed, the RTO is responsible for ensuring the quality of training delivery and assessment. In accordance with its’ quality assurance procedures Australian Training Management works with your nominated in-house trainers and assessors to qualify them as ‘approved trainers’.

Issue of Recognised Qualifications

On receipt of notification from the approved on-site trainer that a learner has met the requirements of the nominated Unit of Competence in accordance with our quality procedures, Australian Training Management issues an A4 sized Statement of Attainment and wallet card (if applicable).

Training Advocacy for On-site Trainers

Our partnering arrangements include a training advocacy service to approved on-site trainers, providing regular updates of changes within the VET sector that affect the partnering arrangements and direct access to ATM management for advice on training related issues.

Audit of Training and Assessment Conducted by Approved On-site Associates

Australian Training Management as the RTO has the responsibility for assuring the quality of training and assessment conducted by all partner organisations. As such, we have set up systems and processes for monitoring and evaluating assessment methods, evidence requirements and assessment decisions regarding the occupational competence of learners. Australian Training Management conducts regular on-site audits of approved on-site trainers operating under a partnering arrangement. These are ‘by arrangement’ with the partner organisation, to ensure there are no 'surprises' with regards to training compliance.