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Non-slewing Crane CN High Risk License

Aim of this Course / Target Group

The aim of the non-slewing crane and dogging training is to impart to participants the necessary knowledge and skills to equip them to safely and efficiently lift and move a load using a non-slewing mobile crane.

The course is aligned to the nationally recognized unit TLILIC0008 - Licence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity) which specifies the outcomes required to complete job requirements, monitoring lift conditions, implementing shut-down procedures, packing up crane after operations, and completing all required job records.


4 Days

Please note: The course may be completed within a shorter or longer time frame depending on the experience of those in attendance

Course Content

The program addresses the following:

  • Job planning, hazard identification and hazard control measures
  • Pre start, start up, after start and shut down procedures
  • Operating the machine
  • Working near powerlines
  • Safe load handling
  • Mobiling a load
  • Emergency procedures

Assessment Method

Knowledge based questionnaires and practical demonstration


Must have basic English literacy skills and be over 18 years of age

All students must hold a current National High-Risk Work Licence (HRWL) to perform dogging.

Academic Award & Recognition

Upon successful completion participants will be issued with the following Statements of Attainment which will be recognised nationally:

  • TLILIC0008 License to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity)

What To Wear

All course participants are required to wear appropriate work attire. Steel capped safety boots are required for all high risk courses.

Morning Tea & Lunch

Feel free to grab a tea, coffee or snack before the course starts and during the course breaks. All participants will be offered morning/ afternoon tea.

Course Fee

$1200.00 and $110 Worksafe fee will apply if requested for ATM to process licence application (This price is inclusive of 2 passport photos)

CTF Subsidy

$360.00 payable after CTF has been applied. (for eligible companies only)

The Construction Training Fund provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry. We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.

Course Summary

Non-slewing Crane CN High Risk License

Duration: 4 Days
Cost: $1200.00 ($110 Worksafe fee will apply if requested for ATM to process licence application)
CTF Subsidy: $360.00.

This subsidy is available to eligible companies only.

Course Schedule: Course Schedule
Group Booking?: Contact ATM