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Privacy Policy

Australian Training Management Pty Ltd is a very experienced and highly reputable training company. Our prime objective is absolute customer satisfaction with our professionalism and service. 

It is our fervent desire that our service will be maintained at a level that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations. To do so, Australian Training Management Pty Ltd will adhere to the requirements of our documented ISO 9001 (2008) quality management system and SNR Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

 Australian Training Management Pty Ltd respects the privacy of its contractors, clients and associates. All information that we collect will only relate to our work, and will be kept confidential. Personnel are not permitted to disclose, or give access to another party, any information received in the course of their work with Australian Training Management Pty Ltd; this includes information regarding clients, products or business practices. To ensure confidentiality is maintained all personnel are required to ensure only they have access to any Australian Training Management Pty Ltd documents or product (electronic and hardcopy). Unless authorised in writing, employees and sub-contractors are not permitted to use for their own purposes any intellectual property (including clients, documents, processes, ideas or plans) that has been provided by Australian Training Management Pty Ltd.

Australian Training Management Pty Ltd views these issues very seriously and may take legal measures against parties who breach Australian Training Management Pty Ltd’s privacy, confidentiality or copyright policies.