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Why Confined Space Training is Important

A confined space does not always pertain to an enclosed area.  

Confined space training always considers:

  • The physicality of the space
  • Inherent hazards of the space, and
  • The work being conducted within the space

Entering, managing and working within confined spaces is paramount to avoiding workplace accidents. Australian Training Management covers every aspect of this in our Confined Space Entry (Work in Confined Spaces) Course.


Recent Tragedies from Confined Spaces

Every year, new, tragic stories emerge of confined space accidents resulting in injury or death. In 2018, three people, all from the one family, lost their lives after succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning whilst cleaning out an empty water tank.

In another example, two brothers in another business were found dead at the bottom of a fibreglass tank they were cleaning. It’s thought the fumes from the residue on the inside of the tank overcame them.

It’s not just enclosed spaces that are dangerous. Trenches and vehicle service pits can also pose great risk.

You simply cannot be too careful when it comes to working in a confined space. The two greatest threats are people thinking they can operate without completing confined space training, and the complacency that can set in after training, when work becomes repetitive or corners are cut to save time or money.

Employers: fines and potential jail time could apply to any business where death or serious injury results from confined space entry incidents or accidents.


How Could Confined Space Training Prevent These Tragedies?

Confined space training, as dictated by Workplace Health and Safety, states that every person who enters a confined space must be up to date with current confined space entry processes. Only when this training has been implemented, and shown to be understood, will a person be able to recognise a potential hazard; be able to set up, use and understand the limitations of the equipment necessary in a confined space; and be aware of the procedure to follow in the event of a potentially dangerous situation.


Why use Australian Training Management for Confined Space Training?

Australian Training Management is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who after 30 years, has become the proven specialist in Perth for delivering high-quality training programs for civil and building construction, plant operations, mining, aviation and transport and logistics industries, to name a few.

ATM’s 1-day Confined Space Entry (Work In Confined Spaces) course trains participants in all aspects of confined space work from risk assessment and legislative requirements, right down to the responsibility of spotters.

At the day’s end, you’ll be:

  • Familiar with the work, health and safety requirements that must be in place to work within a confined space, and
  • Able to work in a way to avoid putting yourself or another person’s life in jeopardy


Enrol Now

Confined spaces can be silent killers, but there is a way to work within them safely and with total regard for you and your colleagues’ safety. Start with Australian Training Management’s Confined Space Entry (Work In Confined Spaces) course.

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