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The Increasing Need for Asbestos Removal Courses in Australia

Whilst asbestos was once considered the ideal construction material, it has become known contemporarily as a carcinogenic danger found in millions of buildings across the country. Asbestos poses serious health threats, with the fibrous material killing more Australians annually than car crashes. A suspected two million homes in Australia contain asbestos, meaning that this deadly material could be closer to home than you realise.


The Next Wave of Asbestos Related Sickness


Those who mined and worked with asbestos before its dangers were fully known have suffered greatly due to their exposure to the material. However, new victims of asbestos continue to emerge even up to 15 years after the material was banned. These people have mostly been in contact with asbestos in their own home, with houses of the 1950s and 1960s particularly likely to contain the material.


It’s commonly known and accepted that there is asbestos in millions of homes in the country, and so there are fears that the effects of asbestos will continue to be felt for years to come. This fear is not helped by the popularity of home renovations, where home-owners unknowingly disturb asbestos when carrying out DIY projects.


There have been reports of families being forced to evacuate their own homes after DIY renovation projects exposed asbestos and contaminated the entire house, making it uninhabitable for months. There have also been reports that asbestos can be present in old pools and spas, and that maintenance and renovation work can lead to exposure to the material.


Considering the serious effects that asbestos can have on health, it can be said that unless you are certain that your house is clear, it is best to avoid any work that could disturb asbestos fibres.


How can an Asbestos Removal Course Help?


Asbestos poses a serious threat to health and safety, but is also highly common throughout Australia. Therefore, it’s important to have qualified professionals who can deal with the removal and disposal of asbestos. Licensed asbestos removalists will ensure your safety whilst allowing you to move forward with work on your house with reduced risk. With over two million homes in Australia containing asbestos, it is important to have proficient asbestos removalists – this is a service that cannot be foregone.


A restricted asbestos removal licence is required when removing more than ten square metres of bonded asbestos. To prepare for this licence, it’s required that applicants take part in a restricted asbestos removal course, such as that offered by Australian Training Management.  This course will arm participants with knowledge in the responsible management of bonded asbestos, focusing on risk management and the correct disposal of the material. After completing this course, participants will need to supply the certificate of completion along with additional documentation to apply for their licence. The list of additional documentation required can be found here.


Whilst asbestos is dangerous, it is also common, meaning that licensed asbestos removalists are highly valuable. Asbestos removalists will always be required in Australia. Get in touch with Australian Training Management to take your first step towards being a licensed asbestos removalist.