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The Importance of an EWP High Risk Work Licence

Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) are essential pieces of machinery in any workplace that requires workers to access high and difficult to reach areas. Operating from a stationary base, EWPs can be a telescopic, hinged or articulated device, or a combination of these.

An EWP presents a clear and present danger to people on the ground and a crush risk to those on the platform or inside the basket. Courses like Elevating Work Platform from Australian Training Management are essential towards you gaining skills and your EWP ticket in Perth, and for maintaining a high level of safety.


Know the Risks of Using an Elevated Work Platform

  • Overhead hazards

The likelihood of a crush incident increases in direct proportion to the number of fixed structures and their proximity. What ceilings, beams or pipes are directly related to, or around, the work zone? Electrical hazards must also be a priority.

  • The supporting surface

Loose debris and uneven surfaces will unsettle the base structure of the EWP and therefore insufficiently support the basket and occupants within it.

  • Ground-based obstacles

These can divert the operator’s attention from overhead or adjacent structures while moving the platform/basket.

  • Unexpected basket/platform movement

Unstable ground conditions, operator control error or control malfunction can all be the cause.

  • Adding scaffolding, ladders or boxes to the EWP

Only conduct work when standing on the floor of the EWP. Definitely do not stand on EWP handrails.


How to Minimise the On-Site Risks of Using an EWP

Most commonly, incidents happen when an EWP is reversing, slewing or elevating near an obstruction, or from unexpected movement of the boom near an obstruction.

To minimise risks, operators:

  • Must do a visual check for overhead obstructions and power lines before work commences.
  • Must be judged as competent and given adequate training to hold an EWP ticket in Perth construction.
  • Must be familiar with each specific make and model of EWP they use.
  • Should always move the EWP slowly, starting with the bigger movements of driving and elevating and culminating with finer movements.
  • If controlling an EWP with a boom of 11 metres or longer, you must hold the high-risk work licence.

If it’s possible, conduct your build work in sequences. This leaves more room for the EWP to operate with less structural interference.

Additional points:

  • Safe work method statements are required for all high-risk construction work.
  • Supervisors and spotters should be on-site to assist the operator to navigate any difficult obstacles.
  • Fellow workers must know how to operate the ground controls and emergency descent devices for the EWP being used.


How an EWP Ticket from Australian Training Management Can Help You

For more than 30 years, Australian Training Management has delivered unrivalled high-risk work licence training to the workers of WA. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are the proven specialists for delivering theoretical and practical skills for EWP tickets in Perth and WA.

Our 2-day Elevating Work Platform practically focussed course trains participants in every aspect of the EWP, from safe working loads, the use of outriggers and interlocks to harnessing and hazard control.  Our course is delivered using our brand new genie Z45 EWP, which is the EWP of choice for most operators.


Enrol Now

Our Elevating Work Platform course is the sure-fire way to gaining your EWP high-risk work licence in Perth, for the construction industry. For the next available dates or for more information, visit us online or call us on 08 9274 1277 for more information.

To book your EWP course, email us now on to confirm your specialised training experience with Western Australia’s best training provider.