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Establishing more robust safety practices for a national civil infrastructure business

As every businessperson in the construction industry sector knows, accidents and injuries not only harm staff but harm efficiency by costing time and money. When they require investigations, these incidents can lead to fines or impositions from WorkSafe Australia. It’s impossible to eradicate incident occurrences on a hazardous worksite altogether; yet our client’s goal was to limit incident occurrences both to retain efficiency and to ensure the safety of the workforce and maintaining project completion. 

As such, ATM designed a course for their client, fully customised to their workplace policies, procedures and safety specifications. We opted to build a Safety for Leaders course from one leadership unit of competence, one safety unit of competence and one communication unit of competence. Using practically based scenarios, our client wanted to test their worksite leaders and their sub-contractors with leadership, safety and communication challenges - like conducting a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) on using a drone within their worksite operations. 

This ‘thinking outside the box’ challenged their conception of standard safety practices and improved safety awareness on site. By taking a triple-objective approach and adding a strong emphasis on practical innovation in the workplace, our client was able to implement sufficient safety practices relevant to both WorkSafe Australia standards and their own unique workplace and project worksites nationally.

The initial Safety for Leaders course was a success. The feedback ATM received from the client’s National Safety Manager was outstanding - participants enjoyed the course and found it helpful to the extent that incidents on-site reduced significantly. In fact, working with ATM encouraged our client - who has always utilised their own internal Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - to cancel their RTO registration and partner with ATM instead!

Following on from the initial Safety for Leaders course, the client opted to roll out our course across all of their national sites. For the last 12-18 months, ATM has delivered the program both at our training centres in Perth and onsite in Melbourne where we travelled to deliver in-person. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have continued to deliver the course through remote facilitation using Microsoft Teams - because safety never stops.

In 2020, our client won the Western Australia Civil Contractors Federation Workplace Health & Safety Award based on their significant reduction of worksite incidents and the re-vitalised approach towards workplace health and safety. Subsequently, ATM began to develop similar courses for other key players in the construction and mining industries. Since our client won the Workplace Health & Safety Award, two other national civil infrastructure development businesses and a mining business have requested ATM develop a custom safety course for them. 

Forming new partnerships is an excellent result for ATM, but the most rewarding results for us are improved safety outcomes for the community. If we can create and deliver a training course that makes sure that people come home safely at night, then we’ve done our job well.

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