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ATM Safety Tips: Fire Extinguisher Course

Living and working in the city exposes us to all sorts of risks: traffic hazards, physical health hazards, mental health hazards, etc. One of the biggest risks posed against city workers is the danger of a workplace fire. Offices are typically busy, populated, and filled with electronics; thus, the possibility of a fire is constantly looming.

A workplace’s safety from fire depends not just on the availability of fire extinguishers, but on the quality of the workers’ fire training as well. Unfortunately, according to Australian and international fire statistics, only 25% of office workers can correctly locate the fire extinguisher nearest to them.

Understanding the Key Fire Risks of Your Workplace

The first step in being more prepared to deal with fire is knowing the fire risks unique to one’s building. Fire risks differ from workplace to workplace; for example, the fire risks of a restaurant are vastly different from those of a stock exchange, or a hospital. Fires in a workplace usually begin in the kitchen, or in an area with a lot of electronics, or in storage rooms of caustic chemicals. It is important for employees to identify the high-risk areas in their building. If they work in or close to those areas, it is all the more important for them to be properly fire-trained.

Employees should know the locations of the fire extinguishers nearest to them, and they should know how to use one. They should also know if a fire extinguisher is damaged or insufficiently charged.

Why is Employee Fire Training Important?

Different combinations of factors and materials can cause fires. Fires are generally grouped into four classes, and there is a different type of fire extinguisher designed for each class. It is important for an employee to know which class of fire is will likely start in an area based on the surrounding flammable materials. Furthermore, they should know which kind of fire extinguisher to use for each class of fire.

An employee should also be able to confidently and quickly assess the severity of a fire situation based on the size of the fire, amount of heat present, and the kind of smoke produced. Based on this diagnosis, they should know whether or not they should attempt to fight a fire on their own, or call for the assistance of a professional.

If not tasked with extinguishing a fire, an employee should also know how to exit the building safely using the fire exits or other available routes. Regular fire drills facilitated by professionals like us from Australian Training Management are necessary for disseminating this information.

Why You Should Consider Australian Training Management for Fire-Training Your Employees

Here at Australian Training Management or ATM, we have been providing cost-effective training solutions since 1990. We specialise in high-quality and cost-effective courses that tackle safety in high-risk workplaces and professions, such as construction and plant operation. As discussed, there is a lot of knowledge and responsibility attached to being properly fire-trained as an employee. Our fire extinguisher course is incredibly effective in making sure that trainees are well-equipped to handle fires of any kind by the end of the course.

It is the responsibility of every employee to know what to do in the event of a fire, and it is every employer’s responsibility to educate their employees. Only upon proper employee fire training will a workplace be completely safe, and ATM is here to make sure that your employees are ready, and that your workplace remains secure.